Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Fruits We Bare

Animals are born with natural ability and instinct; most unable to expand their "knowledge." Man is born blank, he must be taught everything he knows.

Technology is the fruit born of the
noosphere of the human species. This is the key factor that follows the awareness of being more than a carnal creature. Once man evolved, if one believes in evolution, from being simple Homo Sapiens into Homo Sapiens Sapiens, meaning "Man Doubly wise", knowledge and wisdom where no longer confined in the body but evolved into a trait passable by heretical progression. Man's evolution was no longer focused in his physical aspects as shown in the skull evidence and stature of Homo Habilis and the recently discovered hobbits Homo Floresiensis of the island of Flores.

symbolic thought communication, knowledge passed between individuals through symbols, gives rise to the relationship between the metaphysical world that knowledge inhabits and the physical world of the brain. Communication of our thoughts allows a person to no longer represent him or herself alone, but everyone that has ever influenced that person’s thought processes; as to a point of altering the paths and decisions of this person. Nature has the same understanding of communication; this becomes evident in animals demonstrating hunting in packs. Even in the simplistic examples given to us by animals such as: wolves, alligators, orca whales, and even insects; we find some level of higher communication is necessary to accomplish a given community task. Without cooperation these "primal" creatures would have long gone extinct like so many others.

By being able to tap the resources from our past, man has the ability to draw upon the experience of others and using these examples, come to a better understanding of the environment and experiments he has attempted. As mentioned in the Philosophies on God section, a driving force behind development is questioning the world around us. The more people that gather under a single belief or category of questioning the more minds we apply to any application. This gives rise to a very peculiar realization. As more minds come to the common ground of desiring more than the given circumstances they find themselves, the more effective their development can be. We have all heard the saying, "two heads are better than one," but how powerful is the heads of an entire planet when applied to any given task.

We go back to the planet Terranus. Desiring to salvage the environment they have degenerated with years of pollutants and waste, the Terranians decide to focus on the most inefficient component of their world, themselves. Putting aside the thought that embryos are alive, to avoid the obvious moral conflict, the Terranians begin to explore their biological pathways. Realizing that - though nature did it's job in constructing - they are heavily under productive. For what they take in they do not put out as much as they could. They realize that the reason their world is in such bad shape is not only because of the by-products of their existence but also because of the uselessness of the outcome of their biological systems.

In an attempt to correct these problems, the Terranians develop new organelle that process the energy input in more efficient processes creating less waste and more productivity. Doing this by combining their own biology with the hardware available to them. However, due to the complexity involved in controlling DNA, RNA, and chromosome behavior they come to discover a subspecies, cyborgs; the first waste by-produce of their active role in evolving.

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