Monday, April 26, 2010

The Kings of the Hill

Because we no longer fully fall under the guidance of the environment around us it is necessary for us to adapt ourselves to the effects presented to us by our planet. Like the houseflies and mosquitoes adapting to DDT, nature will grant different species with the advantages it deems necessary. Where as we, as dominators and masters of our environment, must decide for ourselves what is necessary.

In the modern world we affect the way the environment and our surroundings appear or respond to us by manipulating and altering the nature of things. This has lead us to this turbulent time in human history. With nature trying to recapture the balance it once knew in the beginning. Human evolution has been stagnant for the last few millennia, and in our stagnancy the systems of the world have been hindered. It then becomes necessary to find the balance that is the “nature” of nature. Humans will either adapt physically to retard the negative effects we have caused or suffer the consequences of our ignorance of nature.

Utter annihilation does not have to come by the use of nuclear weapons in the next world war. It can easily come from our miss-estimation of the way the world will respond to the adverse effects that we have caused it. Some ecologist predict an unexpected ice age, others say we are already experiencing the natural balancing acts in the hurricanes and tornadoes spawned by the rise in the temperature of the planet.

Whatever the method, the universe in which we live will seek balance; it is therefore left to man to decide who controls the way the balance comes about; either by natural occurrence or human intervention. It is only fitting we correct (to the best of our abilities) the problems we have created. That is to say before we even think of expanding to other star systems or local planets (Mars).

Biomechanical evolution therefore refers also to the incorporation of technology into the evolution of a species to allow necessary advancements. These advancements would not and could not come about by any other means. Some current advancements have come about because of our need to contend with changes in the environmental and physical changes in the environments in which we live. This is the reason for diversity among humans, though small differences, these differences are the factors of life and death. Eskimos in Alaska are able to endure the frigid temperatures due to ‘thicker’ skin and higher fat indexes. Yet are very athletic and well adapted for this environment.

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